EBK “Spritzer”

EBK “Spritzer”


Our Sublingual Cannabis Tincture in a micro-dosed spray atomizer. Purse and Pocket friendly. Cute and Discreet medicine on the go! Full Spectrum CBD (<.3% THC) 160mg per container. Low Dose H/S Blend (contains THC and requires a doctor’s recommendation) 80mg per container.  Contains alcohol. Peppermint Flavor Size: 8ml. Approximately 60 sprays per container

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The EBK Spritzer is our signature product and the perfect travel companion. A few sublingual sprays offer a quick effect, so it’s great for acute pain and anxiety. It’s discreet and refillable packaging is ideal for those who want to medicate in public without everyone knowing. The EBK Spritzer is made with 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate and contains absolutely zero THC.

In addition to that, it’s also an amazing Healing Mouth Spray. Created in collaboration with certified Dentists, this calming blend of tea tree oil and therapeutic essential oils offers quick relief from gum pain, while the nourishing coconut oil helps comfort dryness. The Peppermint adds an instant boost of minty freshness to revitalize breath.

Now alcohol free* Vegan* Organic* Cruelty-Free

Size: 8ml. Approximately 90 sprays per container

Container Dosage: 80mg.   Suggested Dose: 3-5 sublingual sprays


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Pink, Black


CBD Only, Full Spectrum

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