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What is an EBK Influencer?

Do you love EBK Products? Are you passionate about health and wellness? If  CBD has improved your life and you want to share that passion with others, you can do it while earning some extra cash at the same time!  Maybe you already work in the cannabis industry and you’re looking for additional ways to expand your outreach while earning rewards. Let’s work together!

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Getting Started

Getting started is super easy! We supply all the tools you’ll need to be a successful EBK Influencer (affiliate), and handle all of the order details with new members you send our way. All you have to do is spread the word about Hosting a Kind Social- and wait for your cash rewards!

Register now, receive your Influencer link and start sharing! Share your link on social media, in your profile, through email, or contact us for a bunch of personalized referral cards.

Influencer Types

When we feel good, we want to tell others. So if you’ve tried Elixirs by Kindness, then you know how amazing they are. And we want you to tell everyone you know. We will thank you with some generous rewards too!

There are 2 ways to become an affiliate of our program:

Online Influencer

These are the individuals or small businesses, who have a strong online presence, love being out in the community, and/or can easily share links online and via email to get the word out. Simply share your link with friends and family, or share it on your website and social media.

Community Boutique

Those of you who serve ladies on a daily basis with your business are perfect for this role. You run a brick and mortar that caters to a mature clientele who care about their wellness. Nail & Hair Salons, Lash & Eyebrow artists, Fitness & Health professionals, juice bars… You’ll fit right in. Let’s talk about how you can bring CBD to your clientele!


Affiliate Influencers receive cash rewards for sharing our service with their community. It’s simple and straightforward. When a new member joins the program and makes a purchase, Affiliates receive a 3% reward! That’s it!

  • Step 1: Sign up to be an Affiliate Influencer
  • Step 2: Check you email and complete the registration process
  • Step 3: Start sharing your link with everyone you can
  • Step 4: Wait until you’ve built up at least $75 in rewards and expect a check the next month!

Rewards are paid on the 18th of each month for referrals made in the previous month. The minimum amount required to receive a reward is $75.

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