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Building your EBK Business

Women who are passionate about health and wellness love our products because they are consistently effective, delivered direct, and allow for discreet use when needed. Members may choose to get started with our easy online ordering system, or by signing up with one of our Independent Cannabis Consultants at a Kind Social! And once you’re in the club, there are LOTS of opportunities for growth with our Steps for Elevation Program!

This is a one of a kind business opportunity for those interested in using cannabis to improve their own lifestyle and the lives of others. Becoming a EBK Consultant for Elixirs by Kindness, means joining a sisterhood of creative and inspired women and helping others… all while creating limitless income.

It starts with one Kind Social!

Independent Cannabis Consultants (ICCs) find us a lot of different ways! Most have already tried our products and they love them. Maybe they were referred by a friend and now they’re ready to expand their opportunities. Or she may have found out about us at her local dispensary or hair salon. Our EBK Influencers are everywhere!

But the best way to get started on our Steps for Elevation Program is to Host a Kind Social. Kind Socials are educational parties that showcase our products, offer member support and provide new Consultants a platform for reaching out. Hosting a Kind Social is easy and fun!

Kind Socials are curated events held in the comfort of your home or business and the ideal way to get started with our club. The magic happens at these events and the best Independent Cannabis Consultants start by hosting their own. After taking the first step to become an ICC, successful Consultants will host 1-2 parties each week to grow their business quickly!

At Elixirs by Kindness, we pride ourselves on education. That means every ICC will receive thorough hands on training before going out on their own to grow their business. We provide a plethora of written materials to help support your Steps for Elevation and every EBK Consultant has paid access to our online cannabis courses and workshops. Joining EBK as an ICC, means joining a sisterhood of women ready to share their knowledge and learn from one another.

Climbing the Steps for Elevation is easy when you’re passionate about using cannabis to heal yourself and others. The levels are only similar to those for our members in name, because these levels will put you on the path toward limitless income in no time.

New EBK Consultants begin at the Green Level, earning a generous 4.25% right from the start. With each Kind Social her income will grow as will her team and opportunities. After Green, comes Black, then Pink, Diamond and finally… Executive Directors lead a strong team of women, who together reach countless others via Kind Socials and Cannabis Education. EBK Directors earn 14.5% and receive a generous car bonus as her team continues to reach their goals!

But, our Steps for Elevation Program is about so much more than the monetary rewards. It’s about healing your body, helping others to do the same, and being a part of an inclusive community of cannabis connoisseurs like no other. #KindnessMatters

Every EBK Consultant starts out as a member of the club and gains the benefits of membership. But all ICCs meeting their Monthly Kind Order Minimum (MKOM) can also purchase her remedies at wholesale. That’s 50% off everything in our shop! Talk about perks.

Independent Cannabis Consultants who host 1-2 Kinds Socials each week, successfully manage a small team, and keep in regular contact with their enrolled members, will earn excellent income with Elixirs by Kindness. Our generous Binary Compensation Plan allows for EBK Consultants to earn a nice part-time income just hosting parties for family and extended friends. Or they can build a solid team of ladies dedicated to turning their EBK Business into a full-time opportunity. It’s up to you. Because just like with cannabis, everyone’s Steps for Elevation are different.

We give you the tools and support you need to take your business as high as you want to go, offering many incentives and bonuses all the way through!

Cannabis is about healing and that’s the message we want our EBK Consultants to share with others, so we make it easy and affordable for women to start taking their Steps for Elevation.

For just $149, we provide new ICCs with a full line of products, a small marketing kit and unlimited support, to get them started. Most EBK Consultants make triple their money back within 45 days. It all starts with a Kind Social.

Reading the Steps is easy, now it’s time to take your first one with us. We’d love to learn more about you and start you on the path toward achieving financial success while helping others. Complete the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours! And if you haven’t already Joined the Club, make sure to do that now.

We’re always looking for passionate women to join our team of EBK Ladies. Tell us a little more about yourself.

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