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Elixirs by Kindness™ is a boutique line of Cannabidiol-Infused Apothecary created for the mature consumer. The EBK Spritzer™ is our signature micro-dosed tincture spray. It leads a unique collection of whole plant CBD and CBD-only infused supplements, topicals and cooking oils. Order online or visit one of our preferred Community Boutiques to get yours.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the infinite healing power of the mind, body and spirit, through Cannabis and all things wellness. Our goal is to provide effective medicine for consumers, in discreet and responsible packaging.

We’re a CA cannabis brand committed to making excellent medicine while providing kind, personalized service to our customers and community.

CBD Matters

We know that when ingested, Cannabis can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. But that all starts with the best buds. And we believe that all the medicine we need can be found or grown right in our own backyards. That’s why we only work with Premium Hemp Farmers from right here in the USA. Just like our food; The closer to home, the better. Your source matters.

Elixirs by Kindness™ is a line of full-spectrum and CBD only supplements, topicals and premium flower. 

Our specialized infusion process means you receive a high quality product with no harsh chemicals or artificial flavors! They are small batch, organic, and lab tested for assurance.

Kindness Matters

Elixirs by Kindness was created by a woman, with all other women in mind. Mskindness’ personal story makes her a believer in the power of Cannabis when used as a regular supplement. She knew that if her clients were going to be comfortable consuming cannabis on a regular basis, that it not only had to be effective, but it also had to be discreet and packaged to perfection! Since our inception in 2015, we have grown from our signature product, the EBK Spritzer… to a full line of tinctures, cooking oils, supplements and topical remedies. Available in whole plant CBD and CBD-only formulas.

We pride ourselves on being responsible, so we’ve partnered with Club Kindness for their educational support services.  Do you need to know more about how to start your health journey with Cannabis? Book a Kind Social with the Club to learn. Kind Social Events allow women to host friends and family in a comfortable setting, while discovering how Cannabis and Elixirs by Kindness, can help to improve their daily lives.

“I’ve been suffering from intermittent migraines for years! I tried the EBK Spritzer and minutes after a few sprays, my budding headache was gone. I’m so glad I discovered Elixirs by Kindness! I’ve finally found relief, without any of the horrible side effects.”

~Katie, Level Black Member

Founder's Message

I created this line of remedies for women just like you. For those suffering silently with chronic pain. Those dealing with depression and anxiety on a daily basis; Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous challenges life throws our way. And for those desperately trying to cope with other, even more serious issues.

Elixirs by Kindness can help!

I created this business opportunity for the women who have discovered the power of our apothecary and are ready to create a better quality of life! For those looking for the opportunity to inspire others, and gain financial independence. Steps for Elevation is for the ladies who believe Cannabis can change lives and they’re ready to start the journey toward true wellness.

My hope is that with the right education and a little bit of practice, you will find our products to be the thing that helps you find health, balance and success. Cannabis has given me my life back. Now I’m sharing it with you!

~Mskindness, B., Founder

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"We're Infusing a New Level of Sophistication into Cannabis Culture"


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